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Office of Emergency Management, Public Safety

Outdoor Warning System

Outdoor Warning System (OWS)

warning sirenThe Longmont Outdoor Emergency Warning System is tested on the first Monday of each month at 10am, April through August.

Here are a few things we would like to remind our community about:

The OEWS can be activated as a whole system, or any part of the system. This could be used to target a specific portion of the city. It also has a public address capability that can be used.

The city has the ability to broadcast on the city cable network (Channels 8 and 16). These combine to give the city a robust emergency warning system that will allow us to contact as many people as possible.

The city also has an email based subscription called e-alert. Although this system is not intended for emergency notification, city personnel can use it to send email messages directly to subscribers with late-breaking updates on issues such as West Nile virus, traffic street closures, city council news and several other categories. For more information on e-alert

For more information about emergency preparedness in Longmont, please call the City of Longmont, Office of Emergency Management at (303) 651-8433 or contact us by email.