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Videos, CDs, DVDs

(303) 651-8768 or 303-651-8472

Audio Cassettes
Books on Cassette include popular Fiction books, Mysteries, and Westerns.
Nonfiction subjects include how to learn foreign languages, radio plays, sound effects, exercise, self-help, history, health, relationships, literature and various other subjects.

Books on CD include popular Fiction books and nonfiction subjects such as how to learn foreign languages, self-help, nature sounds, sound effects, literature and various other subjects.
Music: Blues, Soul/Rhythm & Blues, World & New Age, Country & Bluegrass, Folk, Pop, Musicals/Soundtracks, Rock.

Various subjects include educational, documentaries, travel, exercise, health, how-to, history, and feature films including classic, black & white, and those based on books. We no longer carry popular films on VHS. Some VHS titles are available in the Spanish and or the ESL collections.

Check out Information: Limits Loan period RenewalFines
Audio cassettes 103 weeks 3 weeks10¢ per day
Compact discs 103 weeks3 weeks 10¢ per day
Videos 10 1 week 1 week10¢ per day
DVDs 5 1 week 1 week10¢ per day

Searching tips:
On the library's online catalog, there are several ways to search for Cassettes, Compact Discs, Videos and DVDs. To see everything we own, select on the Search Menu:
4. SUBJECT (alphabetical)

Type: Audio cassette collection - Fiction\
Audio cassette collection - Nonfiction
 Compact disc collection - Fiction
Compact disc collection - Music
Compact disc collection - Nonfiction
 Videos collection
 DVDs collection

To conduct a more specific search, use the Limit command:
At the main search menu, select any author, title, subject, contents, call number or book list search.
Continue your search until you get to the "Author, Title, Call Number" screen. There must be more than one item in the list in order to limit your search.
Type an L and <enter> to bring up the Limit box. Select a number from that list to limit your search to that type of material.

OR another option if looking for just Videocassettes or DVDs:
Select on the Search Menu:
5: SUBJECT (key words).

Type key word(s) plus the word "audio-visual" Press <enter>.
For example, type: Colorado audio-visual. A list of subject headings pertaining to videos about Colorado will be displayed.