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City Council & Mayor Contact Form

What's your opinion?

Do you have a comment or concern about traffic, housing, development, budget, or any other concerns? Here's the opportunity to voice your opinion. Please note that all information in City databases is subject to the Open Records Act, including information submitted via this form.

People are encouraged to use this form to comment on any issues or report any concerns they may have directly with Longmont City Council. Your comments will be sent directly to City Council and the City Manager's Office.

If you would like to be contacted directly about your concerns, please complete our "Request for Service/Suggestion" form instead.

Please complete the form below and send your information by clicking on the "Submit" button at the bottom. You only need to click the "SUBMIT" button one time. The system will provide you with a page to confirm that your request has been received by the City. If you wish to clear the form and start over, click on the "Clear Form" button. This will clear the form and allow you to begin again.

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If you do not receive a response within three (3) business days, please contact the City Manager's Office at 303-651-8601 or via email at

You only need to click the "SUBMIT" button one time. Please wait for the system to acknowledge that your form has been submitted. Please make sure that the contact information is complete and accurate or we will not be able to respond to your request.

Thank you!