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Wiring for Single Family Dwellings

These guidelines have been prepared to assist the lay person in complying with the requirements of all Longmont adopted Electrical Codes, and assure the installation of a safe and reliable electrical system. This guideline is not inclusive for every installation and is not an instruction manual. The following topics will be addressed.

Along with meeting NEC requirements, the permit and inspection process defined by ordinance must be followed. If for some reason, the job does not meet the requirements of the NEC and an extra visit is necessary, a re-inspection fee may be required before the inspector can return.

See the currently adopted codes and local amendments on our web site. In addition, check with Longmont Power and Communications (303-651-8386) for their requirements.




IMPORTANT: You MUST have the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system prior to selecting the report in order to be able to view these files.


Residential Remodel/Addition Application

Alhambrando una Habatacion de Familia (wiring_sfd_span.pdf, 135 KB)


Last Updated: 12/17/12