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Callahan House Board

Callahan House
312 Terry Street
Longmont, Colorado

The Callahan House Board consists of seven (7) members serving three (3) year terms. The function of the Callahan House Board is to advise the City on all matters having to do with the Callahan House.

Meeting Time and Place

Fourth Wednesday of each month
Callahan House, 312 Terry Street
10:00 AM in the Dining Room

Staff Liaisons:

Karen Roney, Community Services Director - (303) 651-8633
Kathy Korpela, Callahan House Manager - (303) 776-5191

You may get in touch with Board members by contacting the staff liaison.

Board Member

Term Expiration

Board Member

Term Expiration

Deepa McCauley


Kristen Kinard


Karen Kruse

Candis Schey
Diane Beerline

Julieann Kammer

Donna Bresee