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Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission consists of seven (7) regular members and two (2) alternate members who are appointed to serve four (4) year terms.  In making appointments to the commission, council shall attempt to maintain a balance of interests and skills in the composition of the commission and shall consider the individual qualifications of the candidates including, but not limited to, their training, experience, knowledge and interest in the history of the Longmont, Boulder County, Weld County, or in any one or more of the following fields: architecture, landscape architecture, architectural history, archaeology, construction, urban planning, preservation law, history, or other historic preservation related disciplines.

The purpose of the Historic Preservation Commission is to protect, enhance, and preserve properties of historic, geographic or architectural significance located within the city and those in the Longmont planning area that reflect elements of the city's heritage. The Commission determines which structures or areas within the City are eligible for designation as possible landmarks and recommends these structures to the City Council.  The Commission also review proposed renovations to designated structures and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the appropriateness of such renovations.

Meeting Time and Place

First Thursday of each month
City Council Chambers
350 Kimbark Street
5:00 PM


Brien Schumacher, Principal Planner - (303) 651-8764
Jane Madrid, Administrative Supervisor - (303) 651-8329

You may get in touch with Board members by contacting the staff liaison.

Board Member
Term Expiration
Board Member
Term Expiration

Stefanie O'Malley


Sean McCoy
Ruth Sanders

Teena Taylor


Eric Hozempa

Glenn Sherwood
Alternate Members
Matthew Brandt
John Dwyer
Appointed Members      
Glenn Sherwood
Emeritus Member
Kimberlee McKee, Director of LDDA
Ex-Officio Member
Sarah Levison
City Council Liaison