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50 Things you can do to eliminate hunger and homelessness in Longmont

Homeless Assistance Information:

Boulder County Help Network - links you to you to community resources, services, and programs.

50 Things you can do to eliminate hunger and homelessness in Longmont

  1. Skip a lunch and donate the cost of that meal to the OUR Center.
  2. Donate household goods or items such as non-perishable canned or boxed foods, personal care items, blankets, diapers, etc. to the OUR Center Food and Clothing Banks.
  3. Volunteer to work at any of the area's non-profit agencies
  4. Help build houses by volunteering and/or joining Habitat for Humanity
  5. Vote. Let your representatives know that you care about the poor. Work on a political campaign that supports your views and concerns.
  6. Convince your classmates, co-workers, church members or neighbors to join or support your efforts.
  7. For businesses: contribute in-kind services and materials such as copying, printing, food, transportation, marketing assistance, computer equipment and training, electrical work, building materials, etc.
  8. Sponsor a homeless person or family as they move out of a shelter or transitional housing program (Inn Between). Assist by contributing household goods, babysitting, or just moral support.
  9. Raise funds for a program by organizing a bike or walk-a-thon, a yard sale, etc. and donate the proceeds.
  10. Give directly to the homeless and hungry by "Community Cares Packets" which include food gift cards, bus tokens and pre-paid long-distance phone cards.

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