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Citizen Initiative and Referendum Process


The Longmont City Clerk's office has prepared the following for citizens' information and reference on the citizen initiative and referendum process. The initiative and referendum process are somewhat complicated and may involve unresolved questions of law and statutory interpretation concerning constitutional provisions, statutes, City Charter and ordinances. City staff cannot undertake to serve as legal advisors or representatives for any particular citizens, and cannot guarantee legal sufficiency of this information but will attempt to address process questions where appropriate. We encourage anyone embarking on this process to carefully review the pertinent legal provisions and to involve competent legal counsel.

Valeria Skitt, City Clerk

350 Kimbark Street

Longmont, CO 80501


The instructions listed below are for initiated ordinances only. There were 53,150 registered electors in Longmont for the November, 2009, Regular Municipal Election. Initiative petitions will require 5,315 signatures of registered electors to be sufficient for getting your initiative on a ballot.

If you are proposing a Municipal Charter amendment, the number of signatures and the requirements may be different than those listed in the material below. Please call the City Clerk for instructions specific to Charter changes.

Citizen Initiative and Referendum Process Summary

Longmont City Charter, Article V, Initiation, Referendum and Recall

Title 31, Article 11 of the Colorado Revised Statutes - Municipal Initiatives, Referenda, and Referred Measures

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