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Business Licenses, Licensing & Permits, City Clerk's Office

Starting or expanding a business is very exciting and there are many important details to take care of. Hopefully, this page will help you on your quest for success!


Important Steps to Take Before Starting a Business in Longmont. It is recommended that these steps be carried out in chronological order. (extracted from the City's Business Resource Guide):

Applicable for All Businesses (start‐ups, expanding, relocating):

1. Check zoning to confirm that proposed use is allowed in zoning district


2. Contact the Development Services Center to determine development/building code requirements

3. Register with the State of Colorado and the Internal Revenue Service

4. Obtain a City of Longmont Sales and Use Tax License

5. Obtain a Colorado Sales Tax License (if applicable) from the Colorado Department of Revenue

6. Complete a Lawful Presence Affidavit (sole proprietors)

7. Determine industry regulations/professional licensing (if applicable) – Department Of Regulatory
Agencies (DORA)

8. Obtain Health Department permits (for food preparation, food sales, child care, etc.)
Boulder County:
Weld County:
State of Colorado:

9. Obtain other City of Longmont licenses as applicable
Carnivals (contact City Clerk's Office at 303-651-8649)

Home Occupation Affidavit
Ice Cream Truck (contact City Clerk's Office at 303-651-8649)
Junk Dealer
Liquor License
Mobile Vending Truck or Cart
Public Furnishing/Kiosk (Use of Public Places)
Second Hand Dealer
Sexually Oriented Business
Tree Contractor - call Forestry Division at (303) 651-8449
Use of Public Places (for special events on public property or permanent usage of a portion of public property for business purposes)

10. Obtain sign permit from Development Services Center

11. See how the City of Longmont can support you and help you establish or improve your business with incentives, grants, loans and information!

new Download the entire Business Resource Guide for information on City programs, requirements and incentives!


City Business License Application Forms