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City Manager's Office

City Manager's Office Information

The City Manager's Office (CMO) oversees Citywide administration including all matters related to the City Council. In addition, CMO works closely with the City Clerk's Office and manages the public information program:

- City Council

- City Clerk's Office
- Public Information Office

Harold Diminguez Harold Dominguez
City Manager

As provided for by City Charter, the City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City and is responsible for the efficient administration of all affairs of the City. The City Manager directs the work of all City departments and subsidiary divisions.

The City Manager's office is part of the Department of Administration and is responsible for: assisting citizens, tracking legislation, providing public information services, providing administrative support for the Sister Cities program, providing intergovernmental support and services, leading customer service efforts for the City, administration and development of the city's web site, developing city-wide policies and procedures, resolving complaints, coordinating community activities, planning coordination of City Council agendas, and providing staff support to the Mayor, City Council members, and other City departments.