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City Source FAQ's, News & Events

Get Answers to Your Questions

City Source is a 24-hour telephone and web information service for Longmont residents, visitors, and other individuals interested in the City of Longmont. The system is designed to answer the most frequently asked (FAQs) questions about Longmont.

City Source, sometimes called ACIS (Automated Citizen Information System), is a valuable resource for information about the City of Longmont government programs, services and meetings.

This information can be accessed through the City website or from any touch-tone telephone. City Source is not meant to replace person-to-person contact, but rather to offer you the convenience of information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access the on-line version of City Source or call the system by dialing (303) 774-4370 for easy access to over 250 messages with information about the City. It is a free service provided in English and Spanish and is updated regularly.


  1. Using a touch-tone phone dial (303) 774-4370
  2. You will hear a general greeting for the system.
  3. Press "2" for English, Press "3" for Spanish messages. (System prompts have changed)
  4. You will hear a welcome message which you can interrupt at anytime by entering your 4-digit message code.

City Source, En Español - Un Servicio Telefónico (and via web) las 24 Horas

Usando un teléfono de botón, marque 303-774-4370, usted escuchará un mensaje de bienvenida que usted puede interrumpir a cualquier tiempo marcando el código de quatro dígitos que desea. Para ver estos mensajes por internet, visite: