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About Mediation, Conflict Resolution/Mediation

Mediation Services

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal voluntary process for parties who have a conflict that they have been unable to resolve. Trained mediators meet with the parties to discuss their concern and the cause of the dispute. They assist the parties in reaching a solution that will work for them and end the dispute. The mediator(s) write down the specifics of the agreement. This agreement is binding and enforceable by those who sign it unless otherwise stated in the agreement.

Who are the Mediators?
Mediators are volunteers from Longmont and surrounding communities who have been trained in conflict resolution. The mediator is neutral and impartial and does not represent or advocate for either party in the dispute. The Longmont Mediation Program will provide two or more mediators per session depending on the type of the dispute.


Why use Mediation?
Mediation is informal, faster and less expensive than legal proceedings. Mediation enables parties to design their own solutions to disputes by allowing them to examine possible options via information exchange. Parties also learn techniques to prevent or resolve future disputes.

In what area is mediation helpful?
Mediation can help with housing related conflicts such as landlord/tenant disputes, problems involving roommates, and mobile home parks. Mediation can also help in neighborhood disputes regarding noise, pets, parking, and property maintenance issues.

Where and when goes the mediation take place?
After all the parties have agreed to mediation, a convenient time and location is determined by the parties and the mediator. Mediation sessions are generally held during the day or early evening, Monday through Friday. Sessions usually last about two hours, but can last longer if necessary, or another session can be scheduled.

What happens during mediation?
At the beginning of the session, the mediator(s) will explain the mediation process. All parties are given the opportunity to identify and express interests, and to discuss their viewpoint. The mediator(s) will facilitate and encourage the parties to negotiate their own solution and an agreement is put in writing.

There is no charge for this service. Both (all) parties agree to participate.  All information is confidential. English/Spanish mediators are available.

How to initiate a mediation?
Call the Longmont Mediation Program via the Community & Neighborhood Resources Office at 303 651-8444, or email our Mediation Specialist, Susan Spaulding at: After the respective parties agree to mediate, then a mediator will contact them to arrange a meeting.