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Problem Solving Flow Chart, Neighborhood Problem Solving Resource Guide


Having a problem with a neighbor?

Do you feel the problem is a police problem?

Is the problem a City Code Violation?

When do I call 911?

  • Drugs/alcohol
  • Violence
  • Speeding
  • Animal Control
  • To save a life
  • To report a fire
  • To stop a crime

Contact your Police Beat Officer (don't know who Beat Officer is - click here). Or call 303-651-8555.

Even though no one really feels comfortable talking to their neighbors about problems, are you willing to talk to them?
(Having that conversation is often the best way to solve a problem with a neighbor.)





Make a personal visit or phone call. (Nasty notes don't work.)


What is the problem?

What is my role in the solution?

Who should I contact for help?

Neighborhood Crime Problems Neighborhood Watch call 303-774-4440      
  Neighborhood Concern Contact Neighborhood Resources 303-651-8721      
Positive Neighbor response?
No Rental Property Contact the property manager Plan is Working! Problem behavior has stopped or diminished  

Find out who owns the property by calling the Boulder County Assessor at
303-441-3530 or
and then contact the property owner

  Covenants & Deed Restrictions Contact your Home Owners Association      
Plan is working!
  Conflict with individuals

Consider mediation to find a positive and mutual solution.
Mediation Program

Great work! Keep up the dialogue. Enjoy your neighbors.