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Mediation and Facilitation Services, Community & Neighborhood Resources

Mediation Services

Looking for a way to resolve a conflict without resorting to litigation or continuing to fight? Mediation is offered by individual community members and neighborhoods to resolve conflicts. Services are available at no cost to those who work or reside in Longmont.
What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal voluntary process for parties who have a conflict that they have been unable to resolve. The mediator is a neutral person who assists the parties in discussing the situation and reaching a solution that will be effective and practical for everyone involved. The final agreement is binding and enforceable by those who sign it.

Why use Mediation?
Mediation is faster and less expensive than legal proceedings. On average, 90% of all cases that are mediated are resolved. Mediation enables parties to design their own solutiosn that will work for them

In what area is mediation helpful?


Download the Mediation Services Brochure



Download a short description of the Mediation Process


For more information, contact Susan Spaulding, Community Relations Specialist, 303-774-4384,