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Problem Solving Resource Guide, Conflict Resolution/Mediation

Your neighborhood is a place where you want to feel at home. Most people want to know their neighbors' names so they can exchange "hellos" and the occasional favor. Most people want a neighborhood that is friendly, quiet, and safe, so that after those long days of work and errands, one can come home to relax and unwind.

The majority of neighbors are respectful of each other and enjoy the occasional socializing. Welcome new neighbors before there is an issue is the best approach. If you know your neighbors and speak with them on a regular basis they tend to be more considerate and you may tend to be more tolerant. If you have conversations with your neighbor it can be easier to bring up concerns as part of an ongoing conversation. However, problems sometimes occur between neighbors. Oftentimes the best first step is to politely bring your concerns to your neighbor's attention. Together, you can try to work out the issue before it becomes a chronic problem.

There may be times that several neighbors working together can solve issues more productively. Involving the City or the Police is not always necessary. There may also times that people need outside help such as the City or the Police. The information provided is intended to guide you through the sometimes confusing and frustrating process of working effectively with problem properties.

This information should not be a substitute for legal advice; rather it should be used as a guide to assist you in determining the best approach to identify and resolve common neighborhood problems. An excellent book on the subject for the lay person is "Neighbor Law" authored by Attorney Cora Jordan. The Longmont Public Library has a copy.

Begin by looking at the flow chart to determine your best steps to finding a solution. Then consult the "Resource Information" for specific resources. If you have questions, please contact the City of Longmont Neighborhood Resources Office at 303-651-8721. Acting as a good neighbor sometimes requires a little extra effort, but it's worth it.

Good luck to you!