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Neighborhood Activity Grants (NAF), Neighborhood Programs

The City of Longmont budgets $8,000 annually for Neighborhood Activity Fund Grants (NAF). The purpose of these grants is to support neighborhood activities organized by neighborhood groups that are registered with the City. Neighborhood Activity Grants can be used for expenses for neighborhood meetings, picnics, celebrations, community outreach, skill building workshops for neighborhood residents, and neighborhood networking events. All these events serve to increase the residents' capacity to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods and to build a sense of community. These funds cannot be used for political activities.


Applications may only be submitted by Registered Neighborhood Groups.

Application process:

Application Forms:

If you have any questions about the Neighborhood Activity Fund Grants, if your neighborhood is registered with the City and eligible to apply for the Neighborhood Activity Fund Grants, or would like additional information, please call Jon Clarke, Community & Neighborhood Resources at 303-651-8721 or send an e-mail to