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Kiteley Neighborhood, Revitalization Program, Neighborhood Programs

Kiteley Neighborhood
In 2010 the Kiteley Neighborhood came forward to work with the City on the revitalization of their neighborhood. The boundaries of their neighborhood are from 9th Ave. to Mountain View Ave., and from Main St. to the railroad tracks. (see map below). Currently the neighborhood is organizing around traffic mitigation issues, code enforcement and property maintenance, neighborhood clean ups, Community Building and more.

Kiteley Neighborhood Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 5:30 PM, at the First United Methodist Church, 350 11th Ave.


Kiteley Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The City of Longmont Community and Neighborhood Resources Division and the Kiteley Neighborhood Group are excited to announce that the Kiteley Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is complete. The Neighborhood Revitalization Program is a comprehensive approach to improving neighborhoods where neighborhoods and their residents are asked to identify the community, social, physical and economic needs of their neighborhoods. With the direction and collaboration from the residents staff then writes a five year revitalization strategy for the area. We will use CDBG funding to initiate many projects along with the collaboration from other City Departments as well that will allow the revitalization plan to be implemented for maximum impact.

The Kiteley Neighborhood began the Revitalization process in April of 2010, and on December 21, 2010 the Kiteley Neighborhood Revitalization Plan was unanimously approved by Longmont City Council.

So see a copy of the Revitalization Plan click on the link below.

Kiteley Neighborhood Revitalization Plan


Current Projects in the Kiteley Neighborhood

Athletic Field Park:

As part of the Kiteley Neighborhood Revitalization Plan the Neighborhood has identified adding a playground to Athletic Field Park as a priority, and through the Revitalization grant funding we have $55,000 available for playground equipment and design.

We will begin a public input process for the playground design in February of 2011. The first step will be to create a survey of neighborhood about their thoughts and concepts about what Athletic Field Park needs. Once we have surveyed the neighborhood, then we enough baseline data from the neighborhood to understand our direction for the Park and will begin a more in depth planning process with city staff.

Athletic Field Park Survey

Please take time to fill out your survey. It is due July 30, 2011. Every member of the household is allowed to complete one survey. It is also available on-line at the following link.

Chad Marks, a Kiteley Neighborhood resident, took pictures from other parks in the area to help stimulate ideas for projects in Athletic Field Park. The pictures can be viewed at: (The password is Kiteley)


Kiteley Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Accomplishments 2010 - 2011

Look at all that has been accomplished in your neighborhood!

April 2010 - Kiteley Neighborhood decides to name itself Kiteley
The Kiteley home is a historic home that still stands on the corner of Collyer and 9th Ave. The Kiteley’s were an important family in the establishment of Longmont and originally came to the St. Vrain Valley in 1869.


CleanupAugust 2010 - Kiteley Large Item Pick Up
Large Item Pick up. Included entire neighborhood from 9th Ave to Mountain View Ave. and Railroad tracks. to Main St. Because the neighborhood was so large the clean up was divided into two days. In the clean up 27 tons of trash were hauled to the landfill. There were 10 yards of yard waste diverted and 22 TV’s and 11 monitors that were diverted. 82 gallons of oil and 44 tires. 28 items were taken to the Restore to be reused. The Second Start community garden got 1 picnic table.


September 2010 – Gang and Police Meeting
Beat Officers, Local Gang Units and Neighborhood Watch came to speak to over 45 Kiteley residents.

October 2010 - Neighborhood Energy Sweep
Over 1,200 CFLs were distributed, which along with 78 low flow showerheads and hose nozzles, 71 clotheslines and drying racks, 15 power strips, and 105 energy efficiency product coupons will save 43% of the residents (those who participated) over $5,674 and over 74,859 kWh a year!

November 2010 - Traffic Mitigation Bulb Out Installed at 11th and Collyer

December 2010 - Alley Lighting Installed in Four Alleys
Alley lights on a two foot arm were installed on the 1000 block of Emery –Corey, 900 and 1000 blocks of Corey- Collyer, 1000 block of Collyer- Atwood, and 1100 block of Atwood-Baker alleys.

January 2011 - Lighting added to Athletic Field Park

March 2011 -Street lights added to Atwood, Baker, Emery and 11th

April 2011 - Neighborhood Identification Signs Installed - Logo of the Kitelely Home at 9th & Collyer

June 2011 - Neighborhood Wide Survey - Athletic Field Park


Other informational links

If you are a Kiteley neighborhood resident and would like to get involved in the plan contact Carly Daelli, Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist at 303-651-8637 or