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Old North Longmont Neighborhood, Revitalization Program, Neighborhood Programs

Old North Longmont Neighborhood
In 2009 the Old North Longmont Neighborhood came forward to work with the City on the revitalization of their neighborhood. The boundaries of their neighborhood are generally from 9th Ave to 11th Ave and from Bross St to Main St. (See Map below) Currently the neighborhood is working together on issues such as improving Alta Park, neighborhood lighting and safety, neighborhood clean ups, home improvements, energy conservation and more.

Old North Longmont Neighborhood Meetings: 3rd Saturday of the month 9:30 AM at the Longmont Senior Center, 910 Longs Peak Ave.

Old North Longmont Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The City of Longmont Community and Neighborhood Resources Division and the Old North Longmont Neighborhood Group are excited to announce that the Old North Longmont Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is complete. The Neighborhood Revitalization Program is a comprehensive approach to improving neighborhoods where neighborhoods and their residents are asked to identify the community, social, physical and economic needs of their neighborhoods. With the direction and collaboration from the residents staff then writes a five year revitalization strategy for the area. We will use CDBG funding to initiate many projects along with the collaboration from other City Departments as well that will allow the revitalization plan to be implemented for maximum impact.

The Old North Longmont Neighborhood began the Revitalization process in November of 2011, and on December 21, 2010 the Old North Longmont Neighborhood Revitalization Plan was unanimously approved by Longmont City Council.

So see a copy of the Revitalization Plan click on the link below.

Old North Longmont Revitalization Plan


Current Projects in Old North Longmont Neighborhood

Historic Survey

Determining the Historic assets in a neighborhood or area of a city is the first step towards actively preserving that area. It is with this goal that the Longmont Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) continues to approach the Colorado Historical Society for grants to continue the surveying of historic neighborhoods.

Since 2001, Longmont has been successful in receiving two grants from the Certified Local Governments Program of the Colorado Historical society. These grants have allowed Longmont to survey over 360 properties. These homes were surveyed to determine how many historic and potentially historic properties were located in the neighborhood.

As part of the upcoming historic preservation survey project, approximately 20 to 30 properties in the Old North Longmont neighborhood will have intensive level architectural and historical surveys completed. Staff will be working with the survey consultant next month to select the initial properties to survey between Main and Bross Streets and 9th and 11th Avenues. The surveys will be completed by next April or May. The final survey documents will be added to the City website and a copy of the survey information will be mailed to the owners of the surveyed properties. We anticipate this will be the first of several survey efforts in the neighborhood as funding becomes available.

If you have questions about designating your property or wish to find out more information about HPC activities, contact Brien Schumacher at 303-651-8764 or

Alta Park

The Alta Park Master Plan is now complete and has been unanimously approved by City Council and the Parks and Recreation Alta Park Plan ReviewBoard. To see a copy of the Alta Park Master Plan and site plan click on the links below.

Alta Park Site Plan

Alta Park Master Plan

LEU Building Demolition

The building will be demolished using CDBG funds. Tentative date for demolition will be April 2011.

Picnic Shelter and Bench Addition

A picnic shelter will be added to the park with four picnic tables, one picnic table will be wheelchair accessible. The picnic shelter will be added using CDBG funds. One bench will be added to the 10th Ave side of park. Installation of the picnic shelter will be April 2011.

Community Garden

A community garden will be added to the north side of the park. Currently the Neighborhood group in collaboration with Growing Gardens Community Garden is applying for grant funding to build the community garden.

Old North Longmont Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Accomplishments 2010 - 2011

Look at all that has been accomplished in your neighborhood in the past year!

April 2010 - Neighborhood Clean Up and Large Item Pick Up Cleanup

Included entire neighborhood from 9th Ave to 11th Ave. and Bross St. to Main St. and also included Pratt and Rodriguez Ct. In the clean up 13.43 tons of trash were picked up. There were 10 yards of yard waste diverted and 18 TV’s and three printers that were diverted from the landfill as well.

May 2010 - Neighborhood Energy Sweep
Over 1000 CFLs were distributed, which along with the low flow showerheads, clothes racks and lines and energy efficiency product coupons will save 43% of the residents (those who participated) over $6,000 and 55,000 kWh a year.

August 2010 - Sidewalk improvements
900 block of Alta St west side, spalling sidewalk replaced.

September 2010 - Neighborhood Wide Block Party

October 2010 - Lighting installed along 10th Ave.
Lights on Alta Street were retrofitted because they are too bright and lights were added to alley entrances along 10th Ave and on the alley from Terry and 11th Ave.

November 2010 - Alta Park Master Plan complete
Alta Park Master Plan unanimously accepted by the PRAB
Alta Park Master Plan unanimously accepted by City Council

December 2010 - Alley Clean Up
Alleys in Old North Longmont cleared of weeds and unsightly vegetation in the alleys between 9th and 11th Aves and Coffman and Bross Sts. By utilizing the revitalization funding and cleaning up the alleys in Old North Longmont, we will be establishing a baseline for the enforcement of the City Code standards in the alleys. The City will then work on enforcing this code through an increased code enforcement presence.

February 2011 - Historic Survey begun in neighborhood

March 2011 - Neighborhood Identification Signs Installed

April 2011 - Former Longmont Emergency Unit (LEU) Building demolished

June 2011 - Added Gay and Venice Streets to neighborhood

Other informational links:

If you are an Old North Longmont Resident and would like to get involved in the plan contact Tanya Ferencak, Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist at 303-651-8637 or or befriend them up on Facebook at “Old North Longmont Neighborhood”.