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Revitalization Program, Neighborhood Programs

The City of Longmont Neighborhood Revitalization Program offers a comprehensive approach to improving neighborhoods. The program identifies and/or links neighborhoods with resources needed to deal with the community, social, physical and economic needs that are particular to a neighborhood to further improve the quality of life for its residents. Neighborhood revitalization could include, but is not limited to, the following elements: community, economic, social and physical improvements.

The City of Longmont will determine revitalization areas according to a selection process that combines as series of positive and negative indicators. Indicators can include income levels, police calls for service and percentage of code violations. Once it is determined that your neighborhood falls within the designated revitalization area, neighborhoods are asked to apply for funding with a grassroots process of creating your own Neighborhood Action Plan.

Midtown Revitalization 2009-2014

Download the current Fall 2012 Midtown Newsletter (Adobe pdf 538 kb)

In 2009 the Longmont City Council has dedicated over $145,000.00 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, time and resources for a 3 – 5 year program to revitalize the Midtown area. The Midtown area is an area roughly located from 9th Ave. to 23rd and from Bross St. to the Railroad tracks. (See map below). The CDBG funds are actually federal funds that are available through the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development that can be used to meet locally identified community needs. In the past, other revitalization neighborhoods have used these funds for park improvements, alley lighting, housing rehab and code enforcement/property maintenance.

In order to access these funds, if you live in the Midtown area, we will be asking you, and your neighbors, to organize your neighborhoods and come together as a group in order to decide what you identify as neighborhood needs and priorities for reinvestment. Once these needs are established, we will work with your neighborhood organization on creating a Neighborhood Action Plan. The Neighborhood Action Plan will lay out community identified projects and implementation timelines for investing this funding in your community. The Neighborhood Action Plan will also identify other key players such as the City of Longmont, Boulder County, or other local non-profits as collaborators and encourage further reinvestment and long term projects in the area (for an example of a Neighborhood action plan see the Kennsington and Historic Eastside Neighborhood at the bottom of this page).

The Longmont City Council wants neighborhoods to continue their strong roles in community problem solving and ensuring quality public services. Therefore, City Council encourages neighbors to come together and organize in order to address those needs at a grassroots level. Neighborhoods naturally change over time and some may be experiencing issues that impact their quality of life. The Longmont City Council cares about its neighborhoods and does not want to leave these issues unchecked, nor decide what those issues are without the direction of its residents.


Currently, as part of the Midtown Revitalization Project, two neighborhoods have come forward to participate:

Old North Longmont Neighborhood


Kiteley Neighborhood


Other areas in the Midtown Revitalization Project
There are still large sections of the Midtown Revitalization area that have not come forward to work with the City of Longmont and access the CDBG/Midtwon Revitalization funding. If you are a resident in the Midtown area that is not part of one of the neighborhood organizations listed, and would like more information please contact Carly Daelli, Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist at


For more information about the Midtown Neighborhood Revitalization Project contact Jon Clarke at 303-651-8721 or email