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Grand Meadow Mobile HOA, Neighborhood Groups


Bear In 1997 the carved bear was carved from a huge Chinese Elm tree for $500.

Bear with Friends L to R: Keith Anderson (on ladder), Rich Rooney (center front), Bob O’Hara (on ladder stand), Jim Bob Burkett and Walter Swanson.

Neighborhood Grant Projects

Our most proud Neighborhood Grant project was the installation of 37 solar powered security flood lights installed in the dark areas of our 10 acre park. This project was started in 2004 and completed in 2006.

Credit and Thanks to Chris Webb, Ken Terry, Cal Cain and Bev O’Hara for various support elements of this project.



In November 1999, a number of Park residents formed a Home Owners Association with by laws to represent a common interest and protect against unfair harassment of all park residents. Our HOA is very active today with approximately 43% of the park residents are paid members.



Due to health reasons, Leonard Corsetino had to quit farming, which he had done all his life in Brighton, Colorado. He felt a mobile home park would still be a piece of ground he could work on. Leonard and Anna Lee Corsentino purchased the unfinished mobile park from Bill and Kelsey Rose. Bill could not finish due to his health.

The name “Grand Meadow” is registered and patented with the government during the 1950s on the Corsentino Brown Swiss Cattle and the name of the ranch and dairy in Brighton. This is the same name that was given to the mobile home park in 1964. The Corsentino’s sold the dairy herd and moved to Longmont April 1964. It was only two streets (A&B) on 5 acres. There was one home and about 5 trailers all 8’ wide (10’ wide was considered huge). They poured all the remainder pads, planted trees and laid the black top. Inez and Bonnie Deaver were the first residents (space #4). Bonnie left the park in 2007 to live near her family. In early 1966 the Corsentino’s purchased the west ground (5 acres) that became street C & D. It was pasture prior, so it had to be built from the sewer lines, cement and landscaping. The park was for Seniors “over 55” with no dogs allowed. The park was fully rented January 1967 with rent at that time was $33 per month with water and sewer included. The Corsentino’s also helped pave 17th Ave, as it was just a blacktop strip at the time. During the 35 years the Corsentino’s enjoyed many wonderful senior citizens. The park was sold July 1998 to Sherwood Company due to Leonard’s health. Then the park was sold to ARC Oct 2002 in which the rent was $340 per month. Today the rent is $410 plus water and sewer.


The boundaries are the south side of 17th Ave. between Gay St and Terry St.


Last Updated: February 20, 2008