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Madison Park, Neighborhood Groups



Madison Park is a fully developed HOA community of 45 residential units, most two-level townhouses with basements and attached garages with three single-level duplex townhouse/condo structures with basements and garages.  All but one building have low-maintenance siding with the remaining one having a board and batten exterior.

The residential make-up of the neighborhood is very diverse from young families with small children to retirees, and has a mix of owner-occupied units and rentals.


Neighborhood Grant Projects

NGLA grants have been used for the two neighborhood signs, one on Collyer Street and one on Meadow Court; an upgrade for the sprinkler system and catering for Annual meetings and block parties. For safety, an NGLA grant was used to install railings at the steps of walks from city sidewalk to entries of the Collyer residences.

In 2003-04 Madison Park HOA was the recipient of a City of Longmont Community Development Block Grant. The available funds were used to install two multi-compartment locking mailboxes to prevent mail theft. Mail from one residents non-locking mailbox was stolen and found by police in a meth lab. This grant was not provided through the NGLA but is presented to show City of Longmont concern for neighborhoods and the community. This grant was income-based per program guidelines.



The HOA Board works closely with a management company to maintain the property through landscaping and snow removal contracts and for exterior building repairs and maintenance.



In searching archives at City Hall and Longmont Museum for a history of our area, owner names were given on maps, but no land-use designations were found. Map dates with owner name is shown below :

1915 - Elizabeth Small (1863-1916)

1940 - Days Inc. - 58.5 acres

1960? - A. McKierman - 59 acres - irrigated

In reading biographies in “They Came to Stay,” the above names are mentioned in bios of A. Holt McKeirnan and Jennie (Mrs John) McKeirnan (nee Small). Please note the spelling difference of McKiernan. No mention of the above property is given. With the “irrigated” notation, it is possible that the land was used (for agriculture) at one time.

Later, 7.0 acres of the property was purchased by a Partnership for development speculation and a filing with the Longmont Planning Commission dated April 1976 gives the name of Madison Park and the status of Subdivision.

A portion of the property at the immediate northeast corner of 21st. and Collyer was developed for Tiny Tim School.
A second portion of the property north of Tiny Tim and between Collyer and Meadow Court was developed as Madison Court HOA. Also one 4-unit building was completed on the east side of Meadow Court.

After several years, another developer was given approval by the Longmont Planning Commission to develop Madison Park.


Madison Park is located northwest of the intersection of 21st Avenue and Collyer Street with most buildings on Meadow Court and the three duplex structures on Collyer Street. Meadow Court is one block east of Collyer and is a keyhole-shaped cul-de-sac. Madison Park townhouses are located on the east side of Meadow Court and around the circle of the cul-de-sac, approximately 2/3 of the street. The north side of the HOA backs to the backyards of single family homes on La Paz Place. A second HOA, Madison Court, has residences on the balance of Meadow Court.



Last Updated: December 5, 2012