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Parker Place Condominiums, Neighborhood Groups



There are 10 buildings in this neighborhood all of which have more than one unit in them.  There are 7 buildings with 2 living units, 2 buildings with 4 living units and 1 building with 3 living units for a total of 25 living units.  



In April of 2007, eight units were still owned by the original owners.  Our HOA has been very cooperative and have pulled together to solve problems.

We pay monthly dues that cover water, lawn mowing, outside maintenance, painting, insurance and property management.



History of the 900 block of Parker Drive Neighborhood - From prairie to farm to town homes.

Research took us to the Longmont Museum and Culture Center where was found a map from circa 1960, showing Hwy 66 as CR 25 and Main St. as CR 137. This property was then part of a half section of 320 acres. Through maps and records at the museum and those at the County assessor’s office in the Boulder County Court House in Boulder the following history of Parker Place neighborhood emerged. We also have more current information from Don Macy who lived on the property before it was subdivided. He and his brother Dave raised Duroc pigs and Angus cattle on the farm for their 4-H projects.

In circa 1915 Mr. Amos J. Emmons acquired 320 acres of land in Section 27NW quarter, Township 3 North, Range 69 West. Mr. Emmons had been farming and raising cattle in the Rinn area since 1867, at one time owning more than 1,000 acres of irrigated and improved land. He was very interested in irrigation problems and many large Boulder County ditches were built under his supervision. Among these were Rough and Ready and Oligarchy ditches. He was a stockholder in milling and banking enterprises and an organizer of the Longmont Ice company. Mr. Emmons passed away in 1917.

The above half section of land was passed on to his wife and other heirs. In 1928 these 320 acres were in the hands of one of his daughters, Carrie (Mrs. Lee) Perry. She at this time sold one half interest in the NW quarter to her sister Emma (Mrs. T. R.) Nickell. In 1943 this land became the property of Edward S. and Alice M. Prohs. Then in 1950 this NW quarter was sold to C. A. and Doris K. Macy. In 1955, five and a half acres were sold to Boulder County, and the rest of it remained the property of C. A. and Doris K. Macy and Macy Farms Inc. In 1963 the NW quarter, less parts sold previously, was in the possession of Richard M. Cassidy. Then in 1965, 10 acres of the NW quarter was acquired by Robert C. and Joanna Macy. Other members of the Macy family continued to acquire land in the area in 1966.

This property among other parcels known as Macy Farms Inc. was rolled into the Homestead Land Company owned by the Macys. They sold the 2.43 acres that is now Parker Place Neighborhood to developer Toby A. Bramble in 1994. The area was developed into townhouse type condominiums. The names Parker Place and Parker Drive are named after Don Macy’s son Parker who still lives in Longmont.


Last Updated: February 21, 2008