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Spangler Park, Neighborhood Groups



Spangler Park was created in 1980 when the land was sold to the City for “$1 and other good and valuable consideration”. Developers Rattenborg and Serlin sold the land to the city so they could develop the Rattenborg-Serlin Subdivision which includes the 80-unit senior living facility and the homes on the west side of the park.

The Mountain Gate Subdivision was formed after 1984 when Baker Street was extended to 15th Street. The original plans called for the Victorian-style townhouses to be built as four-plex units all the way back to 15th. However, only two of the units were built. Since 1995, several new townhomes have been developed in the area.

Spangler Elementary and Spangler Park were named after the Spangler Family. D.W. Spangler was the founding Spangler family member here in Longmont. He taught at local schools and colleges.


The Spangler Park Neighborhood is bounded on the north by Spangler Elementary School, on the east by the townhouses on the east side of Baker Street, on the south by Mountain View Avenue, and on the west by Collyer Street. Spring Gulch runs on the eastern edge of Spangler Park. The Longmont Athletic Club and a day spa are immediately on the eastern border.



Last Updated: October 15, 2007