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The Greens, Neighborhood Groups

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The Greens is a community with wide streets and sidewalks. It is located off Airport Road to the west and Mountain View Avenue to the north. It is bordered by a golf course on the east side. The neighborhood is arranged in a circular formation (Twin Peaks Circle) with a single road down the center (Columbia Drive). There are also 4 cul-de-sacs located on the east side which allow for more privacy. The neighborhood is also located within walking distance to Longmont Estates Elementary School and Westview Middle School, both top schools in the Saint Vrain Valley School District.


The Greens consists of semi-custom and custom homes. Since construction began in 1984 and was not completed until 1996, the homes vary in style and color. The neighborhood consists of styles such as English Tudor, Colonial, and Victorian homes. All homes built in the 1980’s had shake roofs and some still remain.


The Greens, originally called Longmont Estates Greens, was developed by Longmont Village, Inc. The developer, Ken Pratt, purchased the area from Regency Park – Longmont, Ltd., a company from Denver. The land was annexed by the City of Longmont and surveyed for water drainage and gravel/sand deposits. Originally the neighborhood had a slightly different configuration in which Columbia Drive did not exist and the backside of Twin Peaks Circle and the Airport Road side of Twin Peaks Circle were named La Costa and Pebble Beach Drive, respectively. The number of houses was to be 146. A lake was also included in the plans. In the final plot layout, however, Pratt placed cul-de-sacs opposite the houses on the golf course side and included Columbia Drive down the middle of the neighborhood. This changed the existing drives to only one, Twin Peaks Circle. This also changed the number of houses from 146 to 142. The final plan was approved on December 22, 1980. In 1984, ten houses were constructed, and by 1988, fifty-four lots remained out of 142. The housing development was not completed until 1996.

Social Activities:

The Greens neighborhood has a variety of social activities to meet the variety of ages and interests of its residents. Although there is no formal neighborhood association, neighbors still have an opportunity to get together at the Annual Neighborhood Meeting to discuss topics of interest. The Greens also hosts an Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale in June, and a Fourth of July parade. The neighborhood also has special interest groups, such as a card club, and park play-dates for the infants and toddlers/preschoolers. The garage sale and parade are funded solely with Social Activity Grant Funds. Individuals in the neighborhood also use the Discovering Your Neighbors grant money to host a variety of social gatherings with neighbors on their street. All of these activities provide the neighborhood with a sense of pride and togetherness in their community.

Neighborhood Grant Projects:

The neighborhood put the Neighborhood Improvement Grant Money to good use in 2003 by replacing the existing neighborhood entrance signs with new xeriscaping and flagstone signs. This gives the neighborhood a more cohesive look with some of the newer housing communities in Longmont.


Last Updated: February 21, 2008