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Municipal Court, City of Longmont

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to appear for Court?

Your first court date is listed on your ticket and you must appear on that date. In SOME cases, it is possible to plead guilty and pay a fine without coming to court. To see if you qualify to pay your ticket without a court appearance, 14 days after you receive your ticket, contact the court at 303-651-8687.

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I am under 18 years old; do I need to bring a parent with me?

Yes. You must bring a parent or legal guardian with you to the court. If you are eligible to pay your fine without a court appearance, your parent or legal guardian must come with you to the court to pay.

I just received a ticket.

Your ticket is a legal document. Please read the front and back of your ticket very carefully. Your ticket will have the date, time, and address of your court appearance.

Can I call the court for legal advice?

If you have questions regarding your court appearance, please contact the court clerks. The court staff will assist you in any way they can with information about when your court date is scheduled or about your fine. The court staff cannot give you legal advice or recommendations on what you should do.

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Will I have to pass through a METAL DETECTOR?

For your safety, we have installed a metal detector. You will be required to go through security to enter the court area. All items brought into the court (purses, backpacks, briefcases, etc.) will be searched. Please do not bring any items you are not willing to have searched.

What is an arraignment and what can I expect?

The first court appearance is called an arraignment. This is an opportunity for you to make a plea (not guilty, guilty, no contest, etc.) before the judge. The city prosecutor will be available during your arraignment. In order to resolve the matter without the necessity of a trial, the prosecutor may offer a plea bargain—a negotiated sentence in return for a plea of guilty. The city prosecutor is the only person who can possibly change the charges, reduce points on your driver’s license, dismiss cases, or offer plea agreements. You may speak to the prosecutor at your arraignment date, if you wish. If such a plea agreement is offered, you are not required to accept it. You may still enter a plea of "not guilty" and have a trial.

How much time will my court appearance take?

Please allow up to three hours for your scheduled court appearance.

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How do I change my court arraignment date?

The court may allow one continuance if you are unable to appear at arraignment. PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED COURT DATE contact the court clerks to change your court date, call 303-651-8687.

How do I change my trial date?

Continuances for trials and hearings require a written motion prior to the trial or hearing date. The judge will make the determination to grant or deny your request. You must be prepared to appear on your scheduled court date until the judge makes a ruling on your motion for a continuance.

Do I have to pay my fine when I come to court?

Please be prepared to pay all fines and costs on your scheduled court date. The court accepts cash, checks, and money orders for payment. If you need time to pay your fine, the judge will set up a payment schedule with you at the end of the arraignment session. You may also use community service hours towards the payment of your fine. The community service must be completed for a nonprofit, charitable organization. The court clerks will be happy to assist you with information regarding community service.


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