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Utilities, Longmont Economic Vitality

Longmont Electricity

According to the Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities January 2011 survey, commercial and industrial customers in Longmont paid the three lowest rates of all surveyed Colorado utilities. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration Report, Average Retail Price of Electricity, Electric Power Monthly with preliminary data for 2011, LPC rates are among the lowest nationwide and are so low that they would need to increase by 57% just to meet the nationwide average.

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Provided by:

Longmont Power & Communications

Phone: 303-651-8386

Click here to learn more about Commercial and Residential Electric Rates in the city of Longmont


running waterLongmont Water

Provided by: City of Longmont Public Works & Natural Resources

Phone: 303-651-8376

Click here to learn more about Commercial and Residential Water Rates in the city of Longmont

natural gas pumpNatural Gas

According to the Energy Information Association, a division of the U.S. Department of Energy, Colorado was recorded as having the 3rd lowest natural gas rate in the U.S. (2006)

Provided by:  

Xcel Energy

Phone: 800-481-4700

Commercial Service Charge: $31.50/month

Commercial Commodity Charge: CSG $0.52275/therm, CGL $0.49123/therm