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Finance and Support Services Department
350 Kimbark Street
Longmont, CO 80501
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Frequently Requested Financial Information

The 2012 Financial Assessment Report is available for download. It is 50 pages and contains information about the City's demographics, historical and projected revenues and expenditures.

The Revenue Manual provides a means for Citizens to explore and better understand the financial structure of the City of Longmont. Specifically, this document shows how and where the City acquires the funds needed to pay for the numerous services it provides. In 2002, the City of Longmont had over $175 million in revenues from a variety of sources, including taxes, user fees and interfund transfers. The City tracks over 200 different types of revenues.

The City uses a fund structure to track all financial activities. A fund is an accounting concept that is used to separate the financial activities of a city for legal and managerial purposes. All financial activity of a municipality must be classified in relation to a fund.

Revenue Manual Organization

In this manual, revenue sources are divided according to funds. Each revenue source is presented only once in each fund, despite the fact that some revenue sources are collected by more than one department or division with a fund. For example, maps and publications are sold by both the City Clerk and the Planning & Development Services Division, but are listed only once in the General Fund section.

Different types of charges and fees may also be grouped as one revenue source. For example, the revenue source "Business Licenses" encompasses a variety of special licenses including carnival licenses, massage parlors and pawnbrokers.

Revenue sources which contribute to more than one fund will be included in each of the relevant fund sections. An example is Sales Tax which contribute to the General Fund, the Street Improvement Fund, the Public Improvement Fund and the Open Space Fund.

Page Organization

Each page of the Revenue Manual represents a different revenue source. The following is a brief description of the information categories found on each page:

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