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Fire Stations

Longmont Fire Department


City map of fire station locations

PLEASE NOTE: The administration offices for the Longmont Fire Department are located at 225, Kimbark Street, second floor, and are not shown on the fire station location map.

Fire Station phone numbers are not provided to the public. Please call (303)651.8437 for fire administration.

For additional information on using the fire department community rooms.


Fire Station #1

1070 Terry Street

Constructed May 2009

Dedicated to: undetermined

Fire Station 1

Fire Station #2

2300 Mountain View Avenue

Constructed June 1967

Dedicated to: Vern Campbell,

Longmont's first career fire chief

Chief Vern Campbell

Fire Station 2

Fire Station #3

1000 Pace Street

Constructed February 2003

Dedicated to: Charlie Shoe,

Longmont's third career fire chief

Charlie Shoe

Fire Station 3

Fire Station #4

501 23rd Avenue

Constructed May 1996

Dedicated to: Joe Greeno,

Longmont's second career fire chief

Chief Joe Greeno

Fire Station 4

Fire Station #5

617 Barberry Drive

Constructed January 2001

Dedicated to: undetermined

Fire Station 5

Fire Station #6

501 South Pratt Pratt Parkway

Constructed June 1971

Dedicated to: Frank Cantinwine,

Longmont's first career firefighter

Cantonwine and truck

Fire Station 1