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Fire Department Strategic Plan

Longmont Fire Department LogoThe Longmont Fire Department has seven strategic challenges. They are:

  1. CORE SERVICES. The core services of the Longmont Fire Department will be defined by the needs of our community. Core services are: reactive services in response to emergency and non-emergency incidents such as fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response and technical rescue; proactive services designed to prevent and mitigate adverse effects; and coactive efforts in partnership with our community.
  2. READINESS AND TRAINING. The Longmont Fire Department will be prepared with well-trained, well-equipped personnel, specialty teams and logistical resources to respond to the needs of our community. We will strive to maintain highly skilled, competent, and confident staff that deliberately and continuously strives to improve their skills and knowledge. Each employee will take personal responsibility for their own professional development, and the department will provide the infrastructure and opportunities for success. We will optimize our use of enabling technology and innovations to meet our community's service needs. We will partner with our community and region to increase resources and training capacity. Our partnerships will help our community create its own safety net by preparing them to recognize, respond and stabilize themselves and their neighbors in case of an emergency.
  3. EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT. The Longmont Fire Department will strive to be efficient and effective in services and training by meeting quality control standards. We will review our services to reduce duplication. We will evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of our resources. We will benchmark and measure our performance. We will constantly evaluate the future needs of our community and determine how to meet those needs. We must maximize our capacity to provide efficient and effective services that improve the quality of life in our community.
  4. PREVENTION, OUTREACH, EDUCATION. The Longmont Fire Department will empower our community by establishing open, two-way communication. Prevention and outreach programs will provide citizens with information to prevent injury, maintain and improve a healthy lifestyle, reduce the occurrence of fires and improve general safety. We will explore multiple methods and venues for reaching out to our community. We will educate, assist and support our community in building self-sufficiency to address their own health and safety needs. Our initiatives will be based on community and departmentally determined priorities selected through a range of needs assessments, pre-planning and health and safety concerns. We will strive to provide interventions that involve research-based practices, and efforts will be accurately documented, measured and evaluated.
  5. STAFF SUPPORT. The culture of the Longmont Fire Department is determined by our staff and our community. To maximize the effectiveness of our department, we must support every member, provide for their wellness, encourage their professional development and expand our growth through partnership with our community. There will be an emphasis placed on learning, safety, technology and innovation. We will expect and develop leadership at all levels and ranks by empowering staff to make appropriate decisions and continually provide opportunities for input and participation in the decision making process. In order to maintain a high level of service to our community, we will incorporate recruitment practices that align with our community's needs, city values and the department's mission.
  6. PARTNERSHIPS. The Longmont Fire Department will strive to create and sustain community partnerships that enhance service to the public. Partnership with our community will enhance everyone's accountability for creating a safer Longmont. Assessment will include identifying our needs and potential gaps in providing effective and efficient services and eliminating the duplication of services wherever possible. The ultimate goal of partnership is to share resources, responsibilities and create mutual accountability. It is the responsibility of each member of our fire department and each member of our community to engage in being part of the solution.
  7. ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT & COMMUNICATION. Communication is a key element in any successful organization. Another key element is trust. To maximize the effectiveness of our communication, we will continually strive to provide information to all levels of the department. We will strive to be as transparent as possible. Each member of our department will be provided with opportunities to communicate and provide input, and each member will be accountable to share information. Each member is personally responsible for the creation of our organization's culture, the quality of our own work experience, the outcomes and results we want to achieve, the quality of cooperation within our fire department, our own morale, the consequences of our actions and the wise use of resources. We will continuously solicit input from our community related to organizational development. We will optimize and continuously evolve our organizational structure to maximize the knowledge, skills and abilities of our staff. We will create a learning organization by managing our knowledge and sharing information in order to provide the best possible outcome. Further, to develop a sustainable organization, succession planning must always be a consideration and we will continually look to the future and proactively plan for success.


A complete copy of the Longmont Fire Department Strategic Plan is available to the public.

For additional information regarding the Longmont Fire Department Strategic Plan, please email or call (303)651-8433.