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Fall Safety

Longmont Fire Department


Fall pumpkinsFall Hazard Tips


Make sure costumes, wigs and props are flame-resistant or flame-retardant. Costumes should be short enough so children don't trip and bright enough so drivers can see them.

Children should carry a flashlight.

Trick-or-treating is fun in a group or with an adult.

Avoid the use of lighted candles.


Fried turkeys may taste good, but did you know that.....

The oil is heated to such a high temperature for frying that the vapors can ignite and start a fire!

The fryers are often bumped or tipped over in the cooking process, causing the hot oil to spill.

If you use the turkey fryer in the rain or snow, the water hitting the oil can splash or turn to steam, both of which cause burns. The same effect occurs when the turkey is not fully thawed.

Many fires have started when fryers were moved indoors or into a garage to keep the appliance out of the snow or rain.

For more information call (303)651-8432

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Any cooking grease used for Thanksgiving can be recycled. On Saturday, November 29th, Ecocycle (140 Martin Street, Longmont) will be accepting cooking grease from 10am-4pm. For additional information call (303) 772-7300.