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First and Main Station: Transit Revitalization Plan

Placemaking Principles Included in 1st & Main Station Plan

The 1st& Main team is collaborating with the Downtown Development Authority and its Placemaking Committee to assure that placemaking principles are incorporated into the project. Placemaking refers to the planning and design of mixed-use, compact, walkable neighborhoods within a green framework that offer transportation choices.


• preserves vintage landmarks, buildings and districts
• offers a stimulus-rich environment with access to a range of cultural opportunities
• is a smarter use of urban spaces and suburban rings

Principles of Placemaking

1. A green framework: choices of recreational outlets, a variety of landscape experiences and transportation links to the bigger city-wide network of important destinations

2. Neighborhoods are mixed-use, distinct and self-contained; compact and walkable. They offer convenient retail and services at the sidewalk level with residential above. They are within walking distance of a variety of housing and transportation options.

3. An urban village is located at the center of the neighborhood.

View a slideshow on the Principles of Placemaking 8.30.11

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For more information about the 1st & Main Station Transit and Revitalization Plan, contact Phil Greenwald at: or by phone at: 303-651-8335