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First and Main Station: Transit Revitalization Plan

Butterball Site and Natural Environment Provide Opportunities

1st and Main train depotThe 1st & Main Station project is a master plan and revitalization study for the area near the old flourmill site at 1st Avenue and Main Street. The study, expected to be complete by April 2012, is examining short-, mid- and long-term development and land use potential for the site in addition to determining bus, pedestrian, bicycle and auto connections at the future train station at the 1st & Main location.  With the announced closure of the Butterball plant, there is an additional opportunity to explore land use changes to help offset this loss to the local economy.


Knowing that about half of Longmont’s population commutes to jobs outside the city, there is an opportunity to revitalize the 1st & Main Station area into a walkable, livable neighborhood designed bring some of the future growth back into downtown and reshape Longmont as a destination city. The south part of downtown has the opportunity to absorb new population and housing and funnel employment growth into the city.

St Vrain Greenway sign

In addition, the natural environment of the area with the St. Vrain River and Greenway provide numerous opportunities for a River/Park District.

While no decisions have been finalized, a number of design ideas have already been suggested by the community consistent with Longmont’s unique attributes and values. These ideas have been incorporated into the design concepts to be presented at the January 25, 2012 Community Roundtable.  Ideas so far include:



Transit Users Weigh-In

The 1st & Main Station project team met December 8, 2011 with a group of current Longmont public transit users to discuss ideas for the 1st & Main Station site including repackaging and optimizing local transit service. Suggestions, taking into consideration RTD’s current fiscal constraints, include:

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For more information about the 1st & Main Station Transit and Revitalization Plan, contact Phil Greenwald at: or by phone at: 303-651-8335