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Recovery Updates, Longmont Flood Information


Longmont WorksIn September 2013, Longmont experienced the most devastating flash flood event in its history. The flood displaced hundreds of residents, and destroyed personal property, businesses and public spaces.

The flooding caused extensive damage throughout Longmont. There is much damage that will require extensive repairs - some projects will take years. The total cost of repairs to our city’s infrastructure is estimated to be $136 million dollars.

As we work diligently to rebuild, we want to keep you involved and informed. Here, you will find a highlight of flood recovery projects. If you would like more detailed project information, please send an email to

View interactive maps of recovery projects and greenway/trail closures on our Maps page.


Schedule estimates provided in the categories below reference annual quarters:

Q1 = January - March | Q2 = April - June | Q3 = July - September | Q4 = October - December



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