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Plan Implementation

The Focus on Longmont plan was completed and accepted by the Longmont City Council in January 2006. Before the Longmont City Council establishes priorities for plan implementation, BBC Research will develop an economic impact analysis model that will expand the City's capability to tie to land uses within the City and the corresponding revenue generating potential for that land use (either existing or planned). BBC Research will begin its work on this project in late February; staff anticipates that the Fiscal Impact Analysis report will be ready for presentation to Council for review and comment at either the April 11th or April 18th Council meetings.

Following the completion of the Fiscal Impact Analysis, City Council will prioritize the implementation of policy directions and actions. This will be accomplished in either a half-day or day long priority setting session that will allow Council to have more detailed discussions concerning the implications of launching particular City actions; the consequences of sequencing and coordinating the City's actions with that of other community partners; the role of the community in the implementation phase; and the development and reporting of performance measures.