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Inspiring Quotes, Focus on Longmont

Focus On Longmont, Share your vision, Create our legacyThroughout the community, people are asking questions about what we like about Longmont today and our hopes and ideas for the future. Some people are participating in one-on-one interviews and others are attending community conversations. Still others are sharing their views on line.

People are sharing their views by sharing stories and answering appreciative questions. These questions explore times when Longmont is at its best and how to build on these strengths in creating the future we desire.

What are they saying?


This page will be updated with new insights and inspiration from the community. To contribute your thoughts, go to Share your ideas.

“It’s like fishing – it’s the bait you use that counts” in reference to developing downtown and providing mid and high level services and products. – Brad Brooks

“To build a better world - start in your own community” – Ed Lehman

“People in Longmont are in tune with what it takes to make a great community” – Elaine Jones

“Longmont’s Diversity Programs are leading the rest of the State” – Frank Bruno

“Longmont’s mountain views nurture my soul” – Ron Stewart

“We should weave a quilt of the history of this town and its unique and rich texture.” – Bobby King

“We all have the opportunity to learn more and care more when we are involved in a variety of activities.” – Don Heath

“Longmont is a city that cares and when the city cares it's at best.” - Joaquin Melendez

“You don’t need a lot of money in order to help others in the community, you just need to have a heart.” – Leonard Dodds

“Longmont is like the midwest of Boulder County—It still feels like a small town; there are parades; there is a strong sense of civic pride; and people are connected.” Ann Noonan