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FAQ's, Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project


Q: Why is this project needed?
A. The goal of this project is to reduce the floodplain so that most of the homes in Southmoor Park will not be impacted by the 100-year flood. The Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project is a multi-purpose project that will reduce the floodplain area, replace the South Pratt Parkway Bridge, add drainage and pedestrian structures under Main Street, enlarge the Left Hand Creek Channel between Main Street and South Pratt Boulevard, improve the channel on the north side of Pike Road, and reconstruct the bike path to cross under South Pratt Parkway.

Q: When will construction start and how long will it take?
A. Construction will begin in late October 2011 and will take approximately one year, ending in the fall of 2012.

Q: Will the project affect traffic along Main Street or Pike Road?
DeFalco Construction is working closely with the City of Longmont to develop a plan to minimize traffic impacts. South Pratt Parkway at the intersection of Missouri Avenue will be closed until approximately March 15 with detours established for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. In all other areas, at least one lane of traffic will be maintained at all times. Appropriate signage, traffic control devices, and flagging operations will be provided.

Q: Will access to businesses be cut off at any time?
A. No. Access to businesses along the project alignment will be maintained at all times for patrons and service vehicles.

Q: Will children attending Burlington Elementary School be able to walk/ride to school?
A. Yes. DeFalco Construction will provide safe access to the school for all pedestrians during construction by clearing pathways and providing a Safe Route to School Map. Once construction is complete on the project, a new pedestrian underpass will be accessible to all commuters providing safer cross-street access.

Q: Will all of the trees along the creek channel be removed?
A. A majority of the trees between Main Street and Pike Road will be removed, as well as some trees near the intersection of Pike Road and Left Hand Creek. This is necessary to restructure the channel and remove any obstructions that prevent flows in the creek during high water levels. New trees and native vegetation will be planted to replace the tree canopy and general wildlife habitats.

Q: Will the pedestrian bridges across Left Hand Creek be permanently removed?
A. No. The existing pedestrian bridge over Left Hand Creek at Kanemoto Park and the pedestrian bridge near Pike Road between Hartley Court and Missouri Avenue will be removed and then replaced with safer structures. Removal and replacements are required to prevent flow obstruction.

Q: What noise, dust or tree impacts are anticipated?
A. As with any construction project, we anticipate routine noise generated by the operation of heavy equipment. During construction, the contractor will be required to keep the roadways free of dirt and other debris, and to apply water to the site as needed to minimize dust. Crews will be diligent in disposing of any trees or other foliage as it is removed.

Q: How may I find out about the new boundaries of the revised floodplain map?
A. The new floodplain boundaries will be designated and approved by FEMA 7-9 months after the construction is complete. A final survey and proposed revision and letter are sent to FEMA by the City and the revision is then approved and adopted by FEMA. Based upon the current construction schedule, notice from FEMA should be received by mid to late 2013. The City will be contacting all of the affected property owners after the redesignation is complete.

Q: How may I learn more about the project?
A. You can check the City’s website at for current news, announcements, project plans and construction updates. If you have questions or comments, please contact the Public Information Office at 720-532-2097 or email