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Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project

The Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project is a multi-purpose project designed to reduce the current 100-year floodplain within the Southmoor Park Neighborhood and remove a significant number of homes from the floodplain. The major components of this channel improvement project include:

• Widening the existing channel immediately north of Pike Road and from South Pratt Parkway to Main Street.
• Modifications to Pike Road at Ridgeview Drive.
• Replacement of the existing deteriorating box culvert at South Pratt Parkway.
• Addition of new box culverts under Main Street.



. Reduce flood hazards to protect public safety and minimize property damage

.$6.5M Project Cost

.$3M FEMA Grant

.Voter approved 2007 Storm Drainage Bond Project

.Construction began fall 2011; completed in spring 2013

.FEMA revised floodplain approval estimated Summer 2014





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Status Update on Floodplain Revisions, FEMA

FEMA has approved the City’s Letter OF Map Revision (LOMR) submitted for the neighborhoods along Lefthand Creek and is currently under a public comment period. Assuming no significant comments are submitted, the map revisions will become effective on August 21, 2014. More information online through FEMA or 1-877-336-2627.


June 2013 Project Completion Update


Left Hand Creek Underpass Closure

The Left Hand Creek Greenway underpass at S. Pratt Parkway will be closed for one week beginning Wednesday, April 10, 2013, to allow for the contractor to make repairs to the trail.


Left Hand Creek Greenway Trail

The Left Hand Creek Greenway Trail reopening is scheduled for Thursday, January 10, 2013. Additional short closures may take place in the spring, continue to watch this site for updates on those closures.

Ridgeview Drive Scheduled to Open to Traffic on September 28, 2012

Ridgeview Drive at Pike Road is scheduled to re-open to traffic on Friday, September 28th, weather permitting. Construction on the Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project will continue along Pike Road and the neighboring area of Southmoor Park until late November. ...more


Left Hand Creek Greenway Trail

The Left Hand Creek Greenway Trail reopening has been pushed to the end of October 2012.Continue to watch this site for additional updates.


Click on the thumbnails below for a current construction update on the Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project.

left hand creek update
left hand creek update spanish



Ridgeview Drive Closure

Ridgeview Drive is scheduled for closure beginning August 27, 2012 and will remain closed for 30 days, reopening in late September. Continue to check back for more information about this closure as the project progresses.


Construction Update March 7, 2012

South Pratt Parkway is scheduled to open to traffic on Saturday March 10, weather permitting. One lane of traffic in each direction will be opened across Lefthand Creek to Missouri Avenue. The existing vehicular detour route... more


Construction Update January 11, 2012

Due to unexpected project delays and winter weather conditions, it is anticipated that South Pratt Parkway at Missouri Avenue will remain closed to all traffic until March 15, 2012, when construction in that area is completed. Adverse weather conditions or unanticipated delays may change that date...more

Public Open House October 26, 2011

The City of Longmont and DeFalco Construction invite you to attend an Open House to learn more about a city improvement project intended to reduce the floodplain in the Southmoor Park area…more

Safe Route to School Map

The City has published a pedestrian map to assist parents and students that will be walking or biking to Burlington Elementary School during the construction project… more