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Strike it Rich with Prospector!

Prospector is a central catalog for more than 40 public, academic, and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. The system includes books, ebooks, journals, movies, music, government documents and many other items. With this system, patrons may request all lendable items from any partner library with quick delivery to the Longmont Library at no special cost.

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How to Use Prospector:

Prospector FAQ:

  1. How long does it take for my Prospector request to arrive at the Longmont Library?
    Usually a week’s time. Some libraries are quicker and others are slower, but roughly a week is the average time it takes for your request to arrive.
  2. Once my request arrives, how long do I have to pick it up?
    Your request will stay on the hold shelf for one (1) week before being sent back to the loaning library.
  3. Where do I pick up my Prospector item?
    All Prospector requests are held behind the Circulation Desk.
  4. How will I be contacted when my Prospector request arrives?
    The best method for contact is via email. If you have not given the Longmont Library your current email address, we highly recommend that you do so.
  5. Can I return my Prospector item to the loaning library?
    The loaning library is not able to check your item off of your account so returning the item to the original library could result in overdue fines. It is best to return your item to the Longmont Library.
  6. How long can I keep my Prospector item?
    Most Prospector materials will check out for six (6) weeks with no renewals allowed. Videos and DVDs only check out for one (1) week with no renewals. (There may be occasional exceptions to this rule depending on the loaning policies of the original library.)
  7. What are the overdue fines if I turn in my Prospector item late?
    Overdue fines are $0.10 per item per day returned late.
  8. How do I check the status of my Prospector requests?
    Go to the following website: Enter your name and full 14-digit Longmont Library card number. You will be able to view your current checked-out items as well as your requests that have not yet arrived.


Revised 7/11/13