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What can you tell me about the statue located in front of our current library?


the sculpture in front of the library

In 1992, George Greenamyer, a professor of art from Marshfield, Massachusetts was selected to create a work of art for the new library opened in 1993. Greenamyer designed, fabricated and installed the steel "gateway" sculpture , located in front of the library. The sculpture is titled "Longmont - 1871 to 1910."

The sculpture features several narrative figures along the top. These figures represent historical themes that were researched and suggested by a task force of Longmont residents. Looking at the sculpture towards the library, the eight figures are from left to right: 1. One of the original surveyors, Seth Terry, marks the edge of the town with a "wild animal horn." 2. Elizabeth Thompson, benefactress of Library hall, stands next to Library hall. 3. The Colorado Central Railroad brings in more colonists. 4. J.H. Empson stirs currant jelly in his silver kettle. Next to him is the J. Empson and Daughter Cannery with Lida Empson on top of the building. 5. A migrant farm worker brings a sugar beet on a wagon to the sugar factory. 6. Two women carry a piece of pie on Pumpkin Pie Days. 7. The Chicago Colony office. 8. One of the original surveyors, Mr. Fawcett, marks the other edge of town with a "wild animal horn."