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It's New! It's Free!




Download e-magazines from Zinio,

"The Worlds Largest Newsstand."

with your Longmont library card.


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Register & Create Account   |  User Guide  |  How-to Video  |  FAQ  |  Login 

Zinio gives our Library patrons access to 75 of the most popular magazines using a Windows or Mac computer, as well as a wide variety of Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones, tablets, and mobile devices – including the Kindle Fire (not HD) – using a free Zinio Reader app!

Tip: The Zinio app cannot be used to browse the Library's free Zinio magazine collection. Library users
must view and subscribe to magazines using the web browser on a computer or smart device!


Get the app for:

 PC  |  Mac  |  iPhone  |  iPad  |  Android  |  Kindle Fire  |  Blackberry Playbook

The Basics

The service requires the creation of two account logins – a LPL-Zinio account/login to browse the collection, as well as a free account/login for subscribing to and reading magazines online or delivering those magazines to a Zinio Reader app on your computer or mobile device.

         Tip: New users must follow all the steps in "The Basics", in the order presented, to ensure access to the Library's free Zinio magazine collection!            


 New user? 

Follow these steps to create your LPL-Zinio account login:

  • Click or tap the following link to Register & Create Account.
  • If prompted, enter your Library Card Number or Username and PIN and click or tap Submit.

  • Click or tap the Create Account! button, enter the required information, and Create Account. An activation link will be sent to your email account.

  • Click on the Activation Link in your email account to Confirm your account status.

  • Click on the Login link on the account confirmation screen or come back to this page to login and begin browsing the collection.