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Licensing & Permits

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Bullet BUILDING INSPECTION: You must be a licensed contractor in Longmont to do contracting work in the City (Longmont Municipal Code 16.48.030).

Bullet CITY CLERK's OFFICE: The City Clerk's Office administers various licensing programs and regulates liquor licensing. All liquor license transactions are submitted to the City Clerk's office and subsequently referred to the Longmont Local Licensing Authority for review. The City Clerk's office also administers business licensing for the following: Amusement Devices, Pawnbrokers, Auctioneers, Massage Therapists, Ice Cream Vendors, Mobile Home Parks, Junk and Second Hand Dealers, Youth Vendors, Carnivals and Sexually Oriented Business. Also, the Use of Public Places Permit and Alcohol in Public Places permits are processed through the City Clerk's office.

Bullet FINANCE: Any entity engaged in any business within the City of Longmont must obtain a City Sales and Use Tax License and collect City Sales Tax on business transactions within the City.