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Longmont Power & Communications: 100 Year Commemorative Coin

100 Years of Service, Longmont Power & Communications



• Local     • Reliable     • Affordable


In honor of its centennial, Longmont Power & Communications has created a coin featuring historical images related to its first 100 years of service. Cast in antique silver with wave-line edging, the coin measures 1.75" in diameter and prominently features the utility's 100 Years of Service seal. A full video depicting the background behind each of the images of the coin can be seen below.

The coin is available for purchase by the general public at a cost of $7.54. "The video is also available for purchase at a cost of $6.26. All pricing covers only LPC's cost for creating the coin and video."

Customers interested in purchasing the coin should come to the utility's offices at 1100 South Sherman Street in Longmont between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday excluding city holidays. Payment is accepted in cash or check, with checks made out to the "City of Longmont" for the exact purchase price. For questions, contact Dennis Stritchko at 303-651-8347 or Katie Riviera at 303-651-8350.

Click to Enlarge - LPC 100 Year Coin Side One Click to Enlarge - LPC 100 Year Coin Side Two

LPC 100 Year Commemorative Coin - Side 1
(click image to enlarge)

LPC 100 Year Commemorative Coin - Side 2
(click image to enlarge)