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Longmont Power & Communications: Travel Bugs

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What are LPC Travel Bugs?

A travel bug is a "trackable" that moves from place to place. LPC's travel bugs will travel around Colorado and throughout the U.S. -- each with the same travel goals : To see as many electric utilities and power generation sites as possible.

One LPC Travel Bug will travel around Colorado and one across the U.S.A. and both will have nearly the same travel goals: to See all the Electric Utilities – REA's – Electric Co-ops – Power Generation sites around Colorado or the U.S.A.

DISCLAIMER: Longmont Power & Communications would like to remind individuals participating in this activity that electricity is dangerous. Participants should obey any "No Trespassing" , "Danger High Voltage" or "Keep Out" signs posted around any electricity - related sites and should keep away from any electric lines.

How will the goals be achieved?

Geocachers will pickup a travel bug from a Geocache and move it to another Geocache. Along the way, it's hoped that the travel bug can be photographed at one of the sites listed in the goal.

How will we get to enjoy the travels?

Stories and photos of the travel bugs will be posted at Geocaching.com for us to follow. These postings will create a travel-log and an updated map of where it is and where it has been. We can login to watch the progress all year.

I want to get started!

Geocaching.com Logo

How to Get Started:

1. Visit Geocaching.com to create a personal account.

2. After creating your account, Login .

3 Play (tab)

4. Find Trackables - Looking by name or number

Bucky the Bucket Truck Travel Bug Longmont Power Kilowatthour Travel Bug

Bucky the Bucket Truck

Travel Bug: TB48QMC

Longmont Power Kilowatthour

Travel Bug: TB4KTGK

5. Add each of these to your personal "Watch List" to make them much easier to follow.

6. Get Started!