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Media Round Up Archive

  • Times-Call - Longmont could set up free Wi-Fi service in seven Longmont parks, May 2012 details
  • Benton Foundation - How Three Communities Built Next-Generation Networks, April 2012 details
  • Times-Call - Longmont road trip: See what a completely wired fiber community looks like, March 2012 details
  • Bloomberg - The Case for Publicly Owned Internet, February 2012 details
  • Times-Call - With 2A approved, LPC prepares to plan the next step, November 2011 details
  • Gigacom - What a fight for broadband tells us about democracy, October 2011 details
  • Gigabit Nation - Without Increasing Taxes: Making Community Broadband Work, September 2011 details
  • Ars Technica - 133 US cities now have their own broadband networks, March 2011 details
  • Municipal Broadband - Should Cities Have a Voice, September 2005 detail
  • Broadband Properties - Deceptive Myths About Municipal Broadband, May 2005 details
  • Free Press - Connecting the Public: The Truth About Municipal Broadband, April 2005 details

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