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Meter readers will be marking sidewalks beginning August 4, 2014

Meter reading: Keep areas around utility meters accessible, safe

Each month, City of Longmont employees read about 67,000 electric and water meters. Their goal is to quickly, accurately, and safely read each meter so that you receive utility bills with actual data rather than estimates.

In some cases, this process can present a challenge. Plants, debris, fenced areas around meters that are locked, or snow can create barriers that keep readers from getting close enough to read your meter. Household pets can also present a challenge.

Below are some ideas for ways to make meters more accessible:

Don't let family pets come between you and your meterMeter reader with dog

Occasionally, household pets can present a challenge to having a meter read. Some dogs aren’t receptive to people coming close to their property, or may escape fenced areas when a reader opens a gate. When this happens, they become a barrier to having your meter read and your account will be estimated based on previous billing history.

Meters that make reading easier and more accurate

Electronic meter reading systems are a good choice for customers who don’t want to have a meter reader enter their property each month. While City Code (14.32.210 – Meters, paragraph C) requires all customers to provide access to the City’s metering equipment, an electronic meter collects a read from a distance.

If this option is chosen, we will install an encoder receiver transmitter (ERT) meter. The one-time fee can be added to your utility bill which covers the cost of equipment and installation. Payment options are available.

ERT Costs

Residential electric ERT meter (200 amps & under)
Residential water ERT meter installed inside the residence (basement or crawl space)
Residential water ERT meter installed in a water meter pit


City of Longmont staff can answer any questions you may have about keeping meter reading areas cleared or obtaining electronic meter reading equipment. For more information, call Longmont Power & Communications at 303-651-8386.