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Longmont Power & Communications

Longmont Power & Communications

Select the correct form to begin the process

We strongly encourage you to contact LPC's field engineering staff at 303-651-8386 before planning and estimating project costs and/or applying for a building permit. LPC can help explain the electric service fees and options associated with your project. Contacting LPC first will also help avoid project delays.

To get started, select the correct form to initiate an LPC engineering design, cost estimate and work order for your new or upgraded electric service facilities:

1. The Electric Service Request form (a pdf file, 50 kb) required as part of your submittal of initial site and construction plans to the City of Longmont Design Review Committee. It is also a vehicle for initiating design with LPC prior to obtaining a building permit and will assist you in planning your project.

2. Within City of Longmont boundaries you must obtain a Building Permit from the City's Building Inspection Division. Click here to access their web page which includes links to pdf files of permit applications for:

On the building permit application you must include:

A permit will not be issued if any of this information is omitted.

- OR -

3. Outside City of Longmont boundaries in Boulder County but within LPC's electric service territory, you must submit a Power Data form (a pdf file, 46 kb) to LPC. The Power Data form requires the same electric service information as a City building permit. Contact Boulder County at 303-441-3925 to obtain a building permit.