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Design standards and construction specifications detail drawings

Click on the links below for detail drawings of design standards and construction specifications as they apply to LPC:

700-02A Clearances for public-owned equipment 700-10 Transformer commercial three-phase concrete pad
700-02B Clearances for LPC equipment

700-11 Primary junction facility ground sleeve

700-03 Sleeve Installation

700-12 Secondary junction facility ground sleeve
700-04 Trench detail

700-13 Street light pole

700-05 Equipment alignment on trench

700-14 Street light base

700-06 Tracer wire installation 700-15 Service line identification
700-07A and 700-07B Cable handling and storage procedures 700-16 Metering single family
700-08 Cold shrink installation 700-17  Metering phone line
700-09 Transformer residential single phase ground sleeve 700-18 Bollard Protection

These specifications link to pdf files of varying size and may take some time to download.