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Meter installation detail drawings

Click on the links below for detail drawings of meter installations:

Transformer short circuit information

MTR 1 Underground temporary construction service (Christmas Tree Option)

MTR 11 Meter housing and transformer cabinet installation specification
MTR 2 Temporary power post type meter installation MTR 13 Meter housing, single phase, 120/240 volt service, less than 200 amp

MTR 3 Overhed temporary construction meter pole

MTR 14 Metering housing, single phase, 120/240 volt service, 200 amp
MTR 4 Overhead building attachment detail

MTR 16 Wiring configuration for 3 phase, self contained metering

MTR 5 Point of delivery for residential services greater than 200 amps

MTR 17 Metering housing, network 120/208 volt service, 200 amp

MTR 8 Meter housing clearance requirements

700-15 Service line identification

MTR 9 Multiple meter socket installations for individual socket amp sizes 200 amp and less 700-16 Metering single family
MTR 10 Current transformer cabinet specifications 700-17 Metering phone line

These specifications link to pdf files of varying size and may take some time to download.