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October 2013 marks Public Power Week's 27th anniversary as a country-wide program celebrating the importance of public power to local residents and businesses, as well as state and national entities.
Interactive Displays at the Civic Center

We have placed three exhibits at the Longmont Civic Center, 350 Kimbark Street. Residents are encouraged to stop by Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM.

The hands-on displays allow users to:

  • Play with dancing lights in an electric globe
  • Discover how generation resources balance out with typical uses for electricity at home
  • Use a hand-crank generator to understand how much power various electronics require
Public Power Week Contests:
Enter for a Chance to Win an LED Lighting Prize Pack

Photo Contest: Send us a captioned photo of yourself using one of the exhibits at the Civic Center along with contact information for a chance to win.

Poll Contest: What is the largest benefit of the service provided by LPC?

Send photos or answer to poll with contact information (name, email, phone number) to lpc@ci.longmont.co.us
All submissions must be received by Oct 12

Did you Know?

Benefits of Public Power

> Electricity first arrived in Longmont in 1886 from a generator placed in a business owned by N.H. Crocker near Third Avenue and Main Street. This small generator powered three lamps in the Bank of Longmont and five lamps at Persian's store.

> On March 7, 1912, The City of Longmont received the right to provide electric power to its residents and businesses. From its initial moment of service, the utility was clearly filling a need. Within 24 hours, approximately 125 new connections were established. Within a week, that number increased to almost 600 connections.

Community Control

“Public Power” is an  expression of the American ideal of  local people working together to meet  local needs. City employees join with  citizens serving in governance roles  to provide electricity to every home and business in a safe and responsive manner on a not-for-profit basis.

Community Value

Our mission is to provide you with reliable electric service at a reasonable price. Our priority is not shareholder value. Our priority is community value.

Community Spirit

We live here. We work here. We volunteer here. We enjoy our role in ensuring the success of this community. Public power is an American tradition that works.

100 Years of Public Power:
Longmont Power & Communications History

In the 100 years since the City of Longmont received the right to provide electric power to its residents and businesses, Longmont Power & Communications, has maintained its focus on responding to the community's unique needs and interests. The utility has provided local control and ownership, lower rates, strong reliability and focused customer service.

Click here to learn more about LPC's history as a Public Power.