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Report a street or pedestal light

Please Complete the Report a Street or Pedestal Light Form

LPC changes light bulbs in about 60 street lights each month. But some of the more than 12,000 street lights in Longmont may go unnoticed since lights are not on when crews are repairing equipment during the day. You can help keep Longmont's lights turned on and our community safe by reporting burned out or damaged street or pedestal lights.

Fill out the form and a service order will be produced and the light will be repaired within three working days. Or call LPC at 303-651-8386 during regular business hours.

What's the difference between a pedestal light and a street light?
Pedestal lights are located at the front of many residential properties throughout Longmont and house the electric meter. Street lights are mounted on much taller poles, are located about every fourth house or business and provide general lighting along residential and commercial streets.

Pedestal light   Street light


Pedestal Lights Begin Receiving LED upgrades in Summer 2013. Click to Learn More.